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CRUSADES 22, BeaverFit and our collective TRIBE of Strategic Partners and Alliances are PIONEERING the creation of the first of its kind, Virtual Reality Rehabilitative Entertainment Method; this healing experience is called, The FORGING.

What is The FORGING?

Our Immersive, Virtual Reality, Entertainment-Based Rehabilitative Experience is called The FORGING..

This experience will serve as a cost-effective, fully-engaging, fully-immersive, hyper-real Virtual Reality experience and therapeutic tool that greatly assists in rehabilitation for our HEROES returning home from the battlefield; be those battlefields abroad, or those closer to home in our local communities.

The FORGING is driven by a shared and extremely vital mission; to distract the brain and body’s corresponding nervous systems from trauma, chaos, pain, crisis, and negative memories (collectively known as Post Traumatic Stress Injury – PTSI), shifting the neurology of these emotions, stress events and triggers to more consistent, heart-based & mindful resilience, coherence, self-awareness, freedom, and fulfillment. “The FORGING” offers a well-constructed, mindfully-heart-based Post Traumatic Growth Opportunity – PTGO.

“The FORGING” Experience Process:

  • In its current iteration, “The FORGING” experience lasts 8-12 sessions on average; at a running time of 8-15 minutes per session, depending.
  • The FORGING takes each participant through a graded set of ‘phobic’ stimuli, the narrative storyline based on Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, A Hero with a 1,000 Faces and the compelling MonoMyth structure of narrative, and in the case of “The FORGING”, immersive and interactive story-telling and experience.
  • The FORGING will utilize a head-mounted virtual reality display; capturing and monitoring, in real-time, physiological and psychological responses via a smart watch and other wearable systems.
  • In future generations, “The FORGING” will be customized for every client.

Post-Traumatic Stress INJURY is not a disorder

From The FORGING technical white-paper.

CRUSADES 22 is extremely grateful for and looks greatly forward to traveling the path ahead with our vital strategic partners and alliances.

Our list of partners are leaders and pioneers in the tech and rehabilitative spaces: 
  • ADS, Inc.
  • BeaverFit
  • Microsoft
  • Dr. Albert ‘Skip’ Rizzo and USC’s Institute for Creative Technology
  • Dr. David Trainor and Sentireal
  • SPEAR Tactical Enterprise Data Architecture Program
  • Arcadia Cognerati
  • Dr. Michael Gervais & Dr.Jannell MacAulay at Warrior’s Edge, by Compete to Create
  • The Liminal Collective
  • Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas, Dallas
  • Michael Mansouri at Radiant Images
  • Keith Golinski and Chris Randall at FulVew Productions
  • Jean Yves Munch at International Sound Services, Inc.: Sound Design and Capture

A vast number of our brave men and women come back to the home-front with triggers, stresses, injuries and scars – a lot of these unseen, kept hidden from family, friends, and their extended communities; scars that left unattended, can grow deeper and more infectious.

These injuries can, and oftentimes do, act as a negative catalyst to some; the pain of these hidden scars making some unable to share their love, compassion, purpose, drive, passions and skills with those closest to them and to their community as a whole.

The FORGING will assist our HEROES as they return home, a large number of these brave and dedicated men and women carrying the burden of their collected traumas and triggers that keep them from living normal, focused and productive lives.  Our HEROES have the drive, motivation and skills that can, and will, enhance their lives and the life of their communities as a whole – showing and sharing with the general public new perspectives and pathways for creating change as these warriors bravely face and confront these challenges.

Our immersive therapy isn’t just for the our HEROES, currently over 85% of the population suffers from Post Traumatic Stress, and our goal is to reach the general public as well as those who serve our country; presenting both communities with this powerful new system of addressing challenges in cognitive behavior, restructuring the electrical pathways in the brain, and re-framing, as well as restructuring the neural pathways and heart/brain connection to bring about a cessation of Post Traumatic Stress.

What exactly is The FORGING?



This will be the first time ever that end-users of any Virtual Reality experience will be immersed in both LIVE-ACTION 360, stereoscopic, CINEMATICALLY SHOT Virtual Reality film-making, coupled with the more “traditional” computer generated gaming cinematics and game-engine functionality.  Both of these mediums, in their own right, an effective way of sharing and telling a compelling story – merged TOGETHER and generated specifically for the Virtual and Augmented Reality spaces; The FORGING is taking Merged Reality into its future . . . and that future is NOW.

Through The FORGING, we at CRUSADES 22/BeaverFit truly feel that this will give our Nation’s HEROES the opportunity to feel entertained whilst going through what is sometimes looked upon as a regimented and drab traditional healing process.

Coupled with our more integrative, high-touch program dynamics; The FORGING will function as another healing arrow in the quivers of each of our WARRIORS.  Through the support and bonds of their newest TRIBE, our programs and initiatives gives each of our WARRIORS the the confidence to speak up and share with us and their collective care-teams that they have an injury (be that injury emotional or physical) and that they are not functioning and performing at their most efficient and effective levels; rather than keeping the injury hidden away, trying to be strong as if nothing has happened to them.

Transparency is vital. You may be surprised to learn just how many of our Nation’s HEROES will not speak up when experiencing any type of trauma or injury, for fear that they will be pulled off line, or be seen as a weak link in chain.

We are looking to shake up the system just enough to produce and provide marked results; helping re-polish the armor of our Nation’s Heroes so that they can get back into the mission – be that mission abroad, or closer to their personal Home-Fronts.


  • Heart-Rate
  • Heart-Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Respiration
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
  • Eye-Tracking via BCI – Brain-Computer Interface
  • Core Body Temperature
  • Oxygen Saturation Levels in the Brain
  • EEG
  • Soft-Reporting
  • Sleep/Wake patterns/Tracing of Circadian Rhythm Cycles/Sleep Hygiene Modification.
  • Facial Emotional Recognition during VR Training, VR Transition Experiences & Video Reporting/Journaling

If you have any questions regarding our mission or about the services that we offer through CRUSADES 22, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We invite and welcome any and all correspondence from individuals, organizations and corporations that wish to honor and support our heroes through various means.

Brian K. Hillard
Executive Director
CVO – Chief Visionary Officer
Mobile phone: 818-307-4475

We passionately invite any approaches from any organizations (and/or individuals) who feel a fit and synergy between their organizational objectives and the mission objectives of CRUSADES 22. Through your generous support, you will directly assist in the healing and (re)connection process of our country’s heroes. Help CRUSADES 22 as we graciously and selflessly serve those who have selflessly served and sacrificed for US ALL.