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Brian Hillard

Executive Director, Chief Vision Officer

Brian Hillard, Executive Director of CRUSADES 22, has over 20 years of expertise in Optimal Human Performance, Mindfulness, and Holistic Healing. Brian has worked with the general public, educators, artists, senior management, business owners, and is now sharing CRUSADES 22 with veterans, first responders and their families. CRUSADES 22 introduces and supports the most effective, long-term shifts in each person’s perspective and self-awareness, thus creating greater fulfillment through a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Brian graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University is 1995, earning a double major in Exercise Science and Psychology, placing the emphasis of his studies in the area of Sports Psychology and Optimal Human Performance.

Brian’s practice what you preach mentality is incorporated into his own daily practice of personal health and wellness in every area of his collective self; Heart and Soul, Mind and Body. Brian stands strongly by the power of his convictions and is extremely dedicated and focused on his own consistent and mindful practices of meditation and breath work, yoga, a vibrant and intense, ever-adapting fitness practice, heathy eating and living, and giving gratitude and thanks for each and every moment.

Brian is a Shamanic Explorer, and a level three Reiki Master Practitioner, taught by follow Reiki Master and Instructor Nicola Salter in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Healing System.

Brian fully embraces his Native American/Cherokee Indian heritage. His deep love of Mother Earth and the life-giving elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water is a common thread that weaves through all of Brian’s teachings and supports his mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness work. This love of nature also sees Brian participating in his extreme fitness training and outdoor adventures. He shares this part of his journey and the wisdoms that can be gained through tapping directly into the heart of nature with every participant of CRUSADES 22, helping them ground, relax, center and focus.

Brian firmly believes that cultivating the care, love, and compassion for ourselves helps us lead more effective, efficient and purposeful lives and also has a ripple effect to those around us.

Brian K. Hillard

Executive Director
CVO – Chief Visionary Officer
Mobile phone: 818-307-4475

Nicola Salter

Director of Holistic and Integrative Sciences, Educator, Author

Nicola is originally from London, England where she worked for well-known international corporations for 15 years, building and launching successful brands, organizing large corporate events and working with the media before entering the field of holistic medicine and mentoring.

After moving to Los Angeles where she now lives and works, she has continued her work on an individual basis motivating and inspiring clients to become the best expression of themselves through energy medicine and counseling. She has been in practice for 22 years as a mentor in London, Los Angeles and West Palm Beach.

She created the (re)Define Yourself program as an extension of her services brought to you with a portfolio of powerful self-awareness and goal orientated inspirational tools to reveal the purpose behind your passion, momentum for your growth in self awareness, heart based business and ultimate success. Her focus takes you on a journey of self-discovery and grounded, optimal activation and completion of your goals.

Nicola has worked with large numbers of clients representing diverse fields. She has mentored countless CEOs, CFOs, Executives, Veterans, Senior Management, Business Start Ups, Health Care Professionals, Business Owners, Psychotherapists, Athletes, Artists and Actors. She is excited and honored to support and further develop Crusades 22 programs so she, Brian and the rest of the holistic team can help as many as possible discover their potential, purpose and find fulfillment in civilian life.

Speaking and lectures: World Tea Expo, LA TImes Health Festival, Pepperdine University, Health Radio, HGTV, Santa Monica Local TV, Yosan University, Emperor’s College, St John’s Hospital Santa Monica, National Holisitic Institute, Toyota, Children’s Hospital LA.

To view each of Brian and Nicola’s private practice websites,
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Crusades 22 partners with traditional and holistic care providers, as well as utilizing the expertise and experience of world renowned fitness trainers to bring the best approach for each individual client who becomes part of the Crusades 22 family.

May we always keep our feet grounded to and balanced upon Mother Earth.
May our eyes and minds always be above the treetops, connected to Father Sky, The Infinite and Divine.
May we always walk the Sacred Path of the Good Medicine.
Mitakuye Oyasin – AHO