Crusades 22 | CRUSADES 22 is a fully inclusive and highly motivated hub of self-care where each warrior will learn and have this new set of tools and self-care strategies On Their Six, for the rest of their lives.
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CRUSADES 22 is a hub of motivative mentors and health care professionals dedicated to the empowerment and personal growth of our veterans, active duty military, the entire first responder community, and their families. We offer complementary health and self-awareness tools that inspire, spark, and motivate personal transformations, connecting each person to their true purpose, creating improved well-being, and assisting our heroes in their newest mission: to cultivate balance, integration, and abundance in every aspect of  life.


Increased capacity to focus and concentrate on tasks-at-hand. Being consistently present and in the moment.

A lessoning of your consistent states of hyper vigilance. As your nervous system resets, the occasions when you experience these states of hyper arousal and spiked behavior patterns will decrease exponentially. As a direct result of the practices that you will engage in through CRUSADES 22, you will become more awake and aware of YOU and your present experience and environment. Your present experience being one of Inner-Peace; cultivating and observing your attachment to yourself and to those closest to you, embracing and enjoying each moment that life presents.

Decreased apathetic tendencies, and an increase of interest and connectivity to your life experience. Connectivity to the greatest good.

Decreasing your feelings of detachment and loss, feeling the need to act out – utilizing drugs and/or alcohol to fill the void you may feel, isolating yourself from family and others, increased anger and defensiveness. CRUSADES 22 taps you back into your truest self, shifting your feelings to (re)connection and fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

Cultivating an empowered appetite for LIFE and wishing to take care of one’s SELF through proper diet, exercise, breathing and meditation techniques and an overall (re)Evolutionary and (re)connected life-practice of simply being YOU.

Cultivating RESILIENCY. Planting the seeds of Compassion, Kindness, and Caring for yourself – which, in turn, will be shared with your family and those around you.


  • Our mentoring and coaching services offer dynamic and compassionate support for your personal growth and for the growth of your family. The services and techniques that we present and provide are meant to stand beside and support any faith based beliefs that you may hold.
  • We help you heal and tap back into your trust SELF; Heart and Soul, Body and Mind.
  • Our innovative and integrative approach to your care treats you as an individual. We do not define you by or see you as your traumas and losses. We recognize your experience as unique, defining you as YOU, as you travel the path of your present journey, and enjoy the experience of (re)Defining YOU.
  • CRUSADES 22 is customized to each person’s individual needs – we are not a one size fits all treatment facility.
  • CRUSADES 22 offers one-on-one mentoring and complementary health-care services that are second to none. What we offer comes from a place of compassion, love and genuine caring. We guarantee that if you commit yourself to engaging in this work and practice your practice, you will see abundantly positive and lasting change in your experience and journey.
  •    We offer a sharing of techniques and wisdoms that we have classically trained in, experienced, developed and collectively facilitated over the last 35 years; working with numerous clients from the public and private sectors, as well as working with the military and first responder communities.
  • CRUSADES 22 will help you make profound shifts in your life; shifts that will ultimately lead you to greater happiness, love and compassion for yourself and the journey of life that unfolds before you. You will cultivate a boundless reservoir of power and peace.


  • We are mentors, coaches and teachers – fully believing that every teacher is a student, and every student a teacher.
  • Through Heart-Based mindfulness, we will guide you through strategies and techniques that put your heart and soul in the driver’s seat, each helping you to successfully navigate all aspects of your life. Welcome to the newest phase of your (r)Evolution.
  • CRUSADES 22 works with people who wish to excel in, and become the best they can be in their chosen experience.  We are intensely passionate about teaching the essential heart-based, soul-driven, mental and physical skill sets to thrive under the pressures of a modern, fast-paced world. All of these components make up the ONE that is YOU; so why not take the best possible care of each aspect of who YOU truly are?!


To bring pioneering, forward-facing, and Mission-Driven bio-capture and aggregatory solutions to the health care and optimal human performance industries; with a driven and focused attention to care for and support those facing challenges with Concussion/TBI/CTE, Drug Addiction, PTSi, and the epidemic of Suicide Ideation. Offering real-time, human-performance-enhancement solutions and suggestions that help to manage the complexity of care of individuals, as well as high-performance teams in the National and Local Security space (Active Duty Military, Military Veterans, First Responders and Law Enforcement professionals and their families) as well as programs and solutions created for civilian application.

• CRUSADES 22 was founded on and continues to have an over-arching Humanitarian vision of future Diagnosis/Treatments/Lifesaving of people struggling with brain and life trauma, be that trauma physical or psychological, oftentimes both – one exacerbating the other.

• In this Health-Centric Mission, we work with our Partners to integrate the latest technologies, diligently and patiently working towards a better understanding of how our human brain functions psychologically and biologically – keeping consistent, forward-facing pace, in a quickly moving and shifting tech-driven eco- system.

• Through our Forward-Facing and Futurist approach towards data science and its various sub disciplines – we at CRUSADES 22 see the long- ball impact that this sometimes- considered fringe, experiential and theoretical science will have on the trajectory of our shared humanity – not making humans into machines, nor making machines that are built to strictly serve us and our egos, but utilizing the machine/human interface to Enhance and Optimize Human Performance. Giving heart-based, compassionate mission parameters to our machine/AGI counterparts. Humans Before Hardware – and as a compliment to this mantra, designing and creating Machines driven by Mindful Humanity.

• Our long-term vision is to provide a positive economic impact by harnessing the most efficient and effective components of existing modalities and procedures in the tech and healthcare spaces; forging a new path forward as we (re)innovate and (re)imagine the concept of problem-solving.

We DO NOT wish to continue to just solve problems in the spaces in which we add value and efficacy; we wish to be the Tip of the Spear, having a passionate and driven focus on preparedness and balanced vigilance.

We strongly feel that we will absolutely decrease (and eventually bring a cessation to) the staggering number of people who choose to commit suicide each day, assisting all of those with whom we work, in regaining a heightened and consistent quality of life, delivering the anchor of HOPE where it was once lost.

Our purpose elevates what we do; and in turn, we will help you take your life-performance to the next level.
We WILL lead you to define and live fully in the Purpose of YOUR Soul.

Thank you for your trust in us, and thank you for your commitment to (re)Defining and (r)Evolutionizing YOU!

May the Blessings of The Creative Force always accompany YOU on YOUR PATH . . . Lighting the trails of your journey to your Soul Purpose.

To request additional information regarding the entire CRUSADES 22 program, please feel free to make direct contact
with our Executive Director, Brian K. Hillard.  See contact information below.

It is not our purpose to treat and/or diagnose medical or psychological issues. We support clients who are sent to us after receiving medical and psychological evaluations that measure their suitability for this program. If you feel that you or anyone close to you would benefit from engaging in CRUSADES 22, please contact me directly, and you will be sent our initial intake/pre-assessment packet, as well as additional programming details that may help support your decision to participate. Please share the pre-assessment packet and programming details with your primary medical and psychological care provider. Our team, along with your primary care team can then assess the suitability of our program content; designing your CRUSADES 22 program to meet your specific needs.