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Initial communication is undertaken between a veteran or first responder’s services provider or health care practitioner who recommends our program to the veteran, first responder or spouse. We then make an initial call to the appropriate party to discuss their needs and forward an intake form for them to complete and sign.


After this initial call, and if CRUSADES 22 seems the most appropriate program; each person engaging in CRUDASES 22 will be asked to fill out and fully complete our Commitment and Pre-Assessment & Self (re)Discovery Packet.


All of our communications with our veterans and partners is done either by phone, Skype, Face Time, email, or when logistically possible, face-to-face, and falls within a given time duration. No social interaction is made outside of session time, only to follow up with session information, debrief, or to schedule and confirm future session.


During the first training evolution, outcomes are measured after every 4-sessions, then again at the end of the 22-week cycle. We will do an additional questionnaire at the beginning of their second training evolution (our two-week (re)Union Retreat), measuring outcomes every other day over the two-week retreat phase.


The model for these outcomes are based on the initial Commitment and Pre-Assessment & Self (re)Discovery Packet that each person engaging is CRUSADES 22 completes. The evaluations are reviewed by the collective care team, the Clinicians on our Board of Directors, as well as being reviewed by Brian Hillard and Nicola Salter.


Anyone who engages in the CRUSADES 22 program will be asked to sign an Assumption of Risk/Limited Liability Release Waiver. This waiver will cover any and all programming components offered to you by CRUSADES 22.


CRUSADES 22 is here to fully support both you and your family and we will do all we can to field any questions, concerns, or issues that you may have in a timely manner.
You will have access to some of your facilitator’s private mobile phone numbers and we ask that as you utilize these numbers, you do so with respectful discretion, and within reason.
In cases of emergency, you have been provided with a hotline number that you may utilize if you cannot reach us directly during off-hours.


If a veteran or veteran’s spouse has an immediate emergency and, or are in crisis; they are encouraged to call Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 for immediate assistance and support.


For veterans and spouses, as well as for first responders and spouses who may be in crisis or need assistance during an emergency; you will be encouraged to contact your immediate health provider and your local first responders at these times.


CRUSADES 22 will not be held responsible for the outcome of these calls or whether the person/family in crisis actually chose to make the call. The best we can do is to encourage someone in crisis to make the call. CRUSADES 22 will help in the process of notifying relevant third party care providers and support systems.


CRUSADES 22 DOES NOT handle suicide calls, a crisis number is given on the website and on our main line.


If, over the course of working with an individual, they begin to present as an acutely at risk client, and in cases where someone may express suicide ideation, or speaks of self-harm or doing harm to others, CRUSADES 22 has in place and will initiate the following Crisis Intervention protocols:

  1. Limits of Confidentiality, as noted on a client’s singed Intake Assessment, will be exercised and a client’s rights to their confidentiality will be considered waived upon their disclosure of any ideation expressing to anyone associated with CRUSADES 22 a desire to harm one’s-self or to do harm to others. CRUSADES 22 will share this information with the appropriate people on a client’s care team immediately upon receiving this information.
  2. CRUSADES 22 will suggest that the person reach out to the Veteran’s Crisis Hotline. This hotline number is on the outgoing message of Executive Director, Brian K. Hillard’s mobile phone. It is provided on the intake packet, on this Assumption of Risk and Limited Liability Release.
  3. CRUSADES 22 will share this information with a client’s spouse/partner and begin the process of reaching out to their main care team.
  4. If an immediate heath care provider is not able to be reached, CRUSADES 22 will help facilitate direct action by local first responders in times of crisis.
  5. As stated above: CRUSADES 22 will not be held responsible for the outcome of calls made to the Veteran’s Crisis Hotline, or whether or not a client decide to actually make the call to the Crisis Hotline we provide. CRUSADES 22 will encourage the someone in crisis make the call, and we will facilitate notifying relevant third party care providers in times of crisis, i.e.: suicide ideation, threats of self-harm or harm to others, threats of child and or elder abuse, substance abuse behavior, and times of extreme acting out.
  6. If these actions become and, or are habitual, CRUSADES 22 will work the client and their family to help find the best care possible and identify the next best steps for care.
  7. CRUSADES 22 will do everything to ensure that any peri-suicidal veteran and/or first responder is never left alone until a “warm hand-off ” is made to a licensed mental health provider or facility.

For non-emergency related calls, we will do our best to answer any questions or concerns promptly and within a reasonable time frame. You may reach us via telephone call, limited text messaging, and you will also be given our email address to utilize for correspondence.

It is at the client’s discretion how they resonate with and follow the programming presented by CRUSADES 22. CRUSADES 22 is a not-for-profit complimentary healing provider, and as such, we do not diagnose or treat emotional and health issues, we provide coaching, mentoring and tools that may support your well-being. We do not prescribe medications; we may however encourage you to seek out natural remedies with external professional health care providers with whom CRUSADES 22 may suggest, but ultimately it is your choice to do so.


We may suggest natural, homeopathic based remedies and suggestions, but will always do so after our health professional has had a conversation with you about allergies, past reactions to certain things.


Neither the facilitators, executive staff, board of directors, or CRUSADES 22 as an organization will be held liable or responsible for any adverse reactions to any modalities, techniques, teachings, suggestions presented to you by CRUSADES 22.


The CRUSADES 22 mentoring and coaching services offer dynamic and compassionate support for your personal growth and for the growth of your family. The services and techniques that we present and provide are meant to stand beside and support any faith based beliefs that you may hold.


Please consult your primary health care provider in cases of serious or long-tern health issues.