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Help support our nation’s heroes

Your generous support of CRUSADES 22 helps to provide specialized assistance to America’s Heroes: funding profound self-awareness programs that re-orientate and re-integrate these men and women back into their civilian lives. DONATE NOW and join CRUSADES 22 on our mission to provide the tools necessary for our Heroes to cultivate a life of purpose, joy, abundance, and compassion.

CRUSADES 22 asks you to strongly consider the following:

It costs now over 1 million dollars to place one (1) war-fighter into theater [combat] per one (1) year deployment. If we as a country can pay this amount for each soldier to go to battle, can we not pay for them to get the services and healing that they have earned and deserve. Many of our returning heroes require specialized assistance; CRUSADES 22 provides these holistic healing and complementary health and wellness services at the highest of levels – the service we provide is second to none.

CRUSADES 22 functions as and supports our heroes through a holistic healing and complementary health and wellness program. There are no medications and no drugs.  We do not medicate and release.  We intend to connect with and assist our heroes and their families with their (re)connection to themselves and to the family as a unit – working with each individual as they learn the skills to tap back into their truest and healthiest selves; soul and heart, mind and body.

Through your generous sponsorship and donation, you will give direct and immediate assistance to our families – all true heroes of this country and our local communities. Your support will allow them to access an experience of lasting and positive change, not only in their individual lives, but also in the life of their family as a whole.

As the Executive Director of CRUSADES 22, I personally ask that you give openly and generously to our cause and mission. You will in fact be giving the greatest gift that these men and women could ever receive – the opportunity to begin their life journey anew, to find and (re)connect with themselves and their families.

I would ask that you explore this opportunity with the most open of hearts.  As a corporate or individual contributor to CRUSADES 22, intend to act upon and be driven by the power of your deepest and most heart-felt convictions.  Join us in our mission.  Give generously.

United we can Serve and Honor our nation’s heroes.

If you have any questions regarding our mission or about the services that we offer through CRUSADES 22, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I invite and welcome any and all correspondence from individuals, organizations and corporations that wish to honor and support our heroes through various means of financial support.

Brian K. Hillard
Executive Director/Facilitation Lead
Mobile phone: 818-307-4475

CRUSADES 22 (formally KYLE’S CRUSADES) is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax exempt organization. Our Federal Tax I.D. number is: 47-4834335

Give the gift of Hope and Honor of our Heroes and their families for all of the Service and sacrifices made on our behalf.

We passionately invite any approaches from any organizations (and/or individuals) who feel a fit and synergy between their organizational objectives and the mission objectives of CRUSADES 22. Through your generous support, you will directly assist in the healing and (re)connection process of our country’s heroes. Help CRUSADES 22 as we graciously and selflessly serve those who have selflessly served and sacrificed for US ALL.


You may do so as an individual Contributor or as an Organization or Corporation.

Individual Sponsor


Sponsorship Details

We are extremely grateful for each and every individual that supports the mission of CRUSADES 22. We realize that during these days and times, our asking you to take money from your own pocket and donate it to CRUSADES 22 is a lot to ask. As a token of our deep gratitude for your heart-felt support and donation, CRUSADES 22 wishes to make your donation and support as visible as possible.

Please click below to see the INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR

Sponsorship Opportunity Levels and Incentives for each sponsorship level.

Corporate Sponsorship


Sponsorship Details

We are extremely grateful for each and every corporation and organization that supports the mission of CRUSADES 22. As a token of our deep gratitude for your financial support, it is the goal of CRUSADES 22 to make your sponsorships, donations and support as visible as possible.

Through logo/banner visibility on the CRUSADES 22 website and links to your company’s website, social media plugs, mentions of your company as a sponsor of CRUSADES 22 in print interviews, media coverage and the like – we will give hearty thanks and share our gratitude for your company’s continued support and care shown to CRUSADES 22 and our hero families.