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Dr. Thomas Yang

President of Technical Outputs and Neuroscience
CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors and MetaSPHERE Industries

Mr. Thomas Yang has over 25 years experience in IT product and technology management in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Supercomputers, mobile applications markets. Mr. Yang has co-founded iDeeplytics and led a team of data scientists and engineers on developing deep machine learning service platforms targeting Utilities, manufacturing, IoT and mobile communications markets. Tom’s latest focus is on application-specific advanced neural network based artificial intelligence system development.

Mr. Yang has broad expertise in strategic planning, product marketing, engineering management in both startups and major company environments include Honeywell, Motorola, AT&T & Bell Laboratories. Tom started his career from technical staff in Bell Laboratories, Motorola, and rose to leadership positions in BellSouth Mobility and Lucent before joining series of Startups. Tom holds M.S. in Management from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, M.S.E.E. from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering and a B.S.E.E from State University of New York at Buffalo.

Dr. David Trainor

CEO/CTO Sentireal: Creator of “Personal Immersive Learning” technologies.

‘The FORGING’: Application-Specific Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Aggregation and Analytics Development Chairman
CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Dr. Trainor’s innate ability to understand customer need and combine diverse technical and commercial aspects, he and his team create learning technologies that deliver better learning outcomes, low deployment cost and high scalability.

David is the CEO/CTO and leads Sentireal®, a company producing software that turns mobile and wearable computing devices (smartphones, tablets, VR headsets, smart glasses) into intelligent tutors and guides that enable “personal immersive learning”. Healthcare, safety, manufacturing, construction and security are key market verticals. Sentireal’s products automatically generate personalized training media using Artificial Intelligence and present that media using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. By analyzing the learner’s responses and attitudes, an automated and background assessment is performed against relevant training curricula or standards.

Sentireal’s Technical Specialties: Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Mixed Reality, Machine learning and artificial intelligence, Media data analytics, Audio and video signal processing, Communications systems design, Data security and cryptography, Mathematical modeling, System-on-Chip design and development, Object-oriented software design.

Daniel Conley

V.P. of Technical Outputs and Neuroscience – CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors
and MetaSPHERE Industries

Daniel Conley’s career in the military started when he was 11 years old, joining the US Naval League Sea Cadets. He enlisted in the US Navy in 2007, solidifying his place with the world famous Seabees. In 2008 he was deployed to Afghanistan with the US Army and US Air Force as an individual augment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Shortly after this deployment he remained in Afghanistan as a civilian under various commands until 2012.
It was upon return and entrance into the civilian sector, when he realized he needed transitional help above and beyond VA services.  He reached out to CRUSADES 22 and became immersed in the transitional services they provided. It was at that time that collaboration sparks started flying, and in addition to continuing the transition program, he currently serves the organization as a board member.
At present, he is continuing his higher education and is passionate about neuropsychology and computer science with a dedicated focus to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Dr. Albert “Skip” Rizzo, Ph.D.

Medical Virtual Reality Research Director at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies.

‘The FORGING’ Program Development Chairman – CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Albert “Skip” Rizzo is a clinical psychologist and Director of Medical Virtual Reality at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies. He is also a Research Professor with the USC Dept. of Psychiatry and at the USC Davis School of Gerontology. Over the last 20 years, Rizzo has conducted research on the design, development and evaluation of Virtual Reality systems targeting the areas of clinical assessment, treatment and rehabilitation across the domains of psychological, cognitive and motor functioning in both healthy and clinical populations. This work has focused on PTSD, TBI, Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and other clinical conditions.

In spite of the diversity of these clinical R&D areas, the common thread that drives all of his work with digital technologies involves the study of how interactive and immersive Virtual Reality simulations can be usefully applied to address human healthcare needs beyond what is possible with traditional 20th Century tools and methods. In his spare time, he plays rugby, listens to music, rides his motorcycle and thinks about new ways that VR can have a positive impact on clinical care by dragging the field of psychology, kickin’ and screamin’ into the 21st Century. To view some videos on his work, please visit his YouTube channel HERE.

Brian Marren

Vice President of Operations at Arcadia Cognerati.

Subject Matter Expert on Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis Chairman –

CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Brian Marren is a Subject Matter Expert on Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis. He has spent the last fifteen years conducting both real world and training operations all over the United States, the Middle East and both Central and East Asia. Brian has trained thousands of people from all walks of life including the U.S. Military, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement as well as numerous public and private organizations. Brian is a highly experienced and highly motivated professional that has the ability to adapt to any environment whether he is on the battlefield, in a classroom, or at a board meeting.  Brian’s lifelong goal is to make people stronger, smarter, and more resilient.

Dr. Charles Igel

‘The FORGING’ – Research Studies and Program Efficacy Testing Oversight Chairman

CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Dr. Charles Igel is an assistant professor in the College of Contemporary Liberal Studies and the Graduate School of Education at Regis University.  He directs the Master of Elementary Education Program, and teaches a range of courses in education and research methods.  Before coming to Regis, Dr. Igel was a senior researcher for an Institute of Education Sciences Regional Educational Laboratory where he served as a methodologist and principal investigator for research and development initiatives aimed at improving K-12 instruction and educator development.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, and a master’s degree in education from Virginia Commonwealth University, and earned his PhD in educational research from the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia.  Dr. Igel is the recipient of numerous privately and federally funded grants, has presented at over thirty professional conferences and has published multiple scholarly articles in peer reviewed journals.  Prior to beginning his academic career, he was a public school teacher and served in the US Army.  When not writing in his favorite coffee shop or teaching, he can be found train running, climbing, and backcountry skiing in and around the Rocky Mountains.

James Jensen

Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer – The VOID
Entrepreneur | Visionary | HyperReality Expert
CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

James is an entrepreneur, committed to working with leading edge technology and eager to solve problems surrounding how we interact and engage with each other on a day-to-day basis. He’s currently co- founder and Chief Visionary Officer of THE VOID, the critically acclaimed immersive entertainment company. For more than two decades, he has worked in illustration, design and interactive media for companies and clients including Sony Entertainment, Dreamworks SKG, SciFi, Novell, Microsoft, 3Com,Iomega, HP, SUN, Symantec, Hitachi Data systems, MTV and his own creative CG animation company, Sandman Studios that he started in 1998.

in 2002, he found his true love as an entrepreneur and started to partner with other companies and individuals to place new products into the digital world. The design and web application of was completed in 2008 with its easy to use video journal tools. This new site gave users the ability to record their most precious thoughts in an easy to use, timeless format, web video. Shortly after, he designed and built one of the first social, web based, multi-streaming HD video platforms called Bandcrashers in 2010, in attempt to bring the LIVE concert experience to millions of fans. The platform hosted hundreds of thousands viewing live events from Neon Trees, Matisyahu, Alicia keys, Snoop Dog, R. Kelly, David Archuleta, Imogen Heap, The Main and others.

2014 James founded his newest adventure, THE VOID. A destination that inspires the exploration of fully immersive virtual worlds and dimensions with friends and family, creating memorable experiences together. Combining bleeding edge VR tech with physical sets, THE VOID’s customers have the opportunity to step into the worlds they love. Launching the GHOSTBUSTERS DIMENSION in 2016 with SONY entertainment on 42nd street in NYC ignited his new location based entertainment business. Closing out 2017 partnering with Disney and Lucas Films on their newest hyper reality dimension STAR WARS SECRET OF THE EMPIRE and announcing new locations in Anaheim CA, Florida, Las Vegas, Austin Texas, Glendale CA, Santa monica CA, Dubi and Canada.


Cyber Network Operations Officer – Microsoft
CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Russell Cromley was born in Warren, Ohio in 1970. He enlisted in the Marine Corps through the delayed entry program in June 1987 and graduated boot Camp in August 1988 at MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina.  He is a graduate with honors of Park University, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Management/Computer Information Systems and Liberty University’s Graduate School obtaining a Master’s of Science in Management.

After obtaining the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, Cromley was appointed a Warrant Officer in February 2001 achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3, and then was appointed to Captain LDO in March 2007 and promoted to his present rank in March 2012.   Major Cromley retired from Marine Forces Pacific in August 2014.

Operational, command andstaff assignments have included:

Rifleman, Marine Corps Security Forces, Bangor Washington; Rifleman, Third Battalion, Seventh Marines; Rifleman, Headquarters Company, Seventh Marines with deployments to Somalia in support of Operation Restore Hope; Computer Programmer, Headquarters Battalion, Marine Corps Base 29 Palms, Systems Analyst, Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Kansas City, Missouri; Systems Analyst, Marine Barracks Eighth and “I”; Data Systems Officer, First Field Service Support Group with two deployments to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom; Marine Corps Communication and Electronics School, I Marine Expeditionary Force with deployments to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and Marine Forces Pacific.

Post retirement Major Cromley served as the Director (acting) and Deputy Director of the MAGTF IT Support Center, Middle Pacific and currently is the Program Manager for Microsoft support to the USMC in the Southeast US and all USMC tactical forces.

Major Cromley’s military schooling includes; Basic Rifleman, ADA Programmer’s Course, Sergeant’s Course, Staff NCO Career Course, The Basic School (WOBC), Amphibious Warfare School Non-resident, Course, and Command and Staff Non-resident.

Major Cromley’s personal decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal with gold star, Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Marine Corps Commendation Medal with four gold stars in lieu of fifth award, and the Combat Action Ribbon.

Major Cromley has four children, daughters Krista, Makenzie and Kailinn, and son Joshua, and grandchildren Makenna, Owen, and Lauralie. His hobbies include officiating baseball and softball for the NCAA, volunteering at his church and playing golf.

Philip Folsom

Sustainable High-Performance Culture Development, Team Builder, Leadership Expert; Ropes Courses Adventures and Wolves!

CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Philip Folsom is an Anthropologist, Culture Development expert and owner of Human Kind.  In addition, he is the co-founder of SPARTA, a PTSD and suicide prevention program for warriors and Philip Folsom Programs.

Philip is known for his unique adventure programing and Tribe workshop that focuses on the primary culture components of building healthy and high performing teams.

Philip Folsom’s reputation in the team development world is legendary. His in-person events, seminars, and experiences, have dramatically improved the lives of over 500,000 people teaching the importance of peace, power, and sacred purpose.

Philip is an instructor at the USC Marshall School of Business and sits on the High Performance Board of Redbull.  His work is regularly featured on television and podcasts around the world.

Philip’s current clients include Microsoft, Apple, Snapchat, Space X and Riot Games.

Lindsey Hutchison-Gilfillan

MBA – Hutchinson Financial Group

Treasurer – CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Lindsey Hutchison Gilfillan currently holds the position of Vice President at Hutchison Financial Group. The family business was started in 1982 and provides Insurance and Financial Services to companies and individuals. Lindsey became a licensed insurance agent in 2008 and has since received her MBA in Finance from Grand Canyon University. She is currently working to obtain the many licenses and certifications required to become President of Hutchison Financial Group. She had a brief stint in Government contracts, where she worked as a Production Planner for the Air Force Aerial Target Drone program. After a few years in that position, she returned to her family business to help grow and expand the company. Lindsey has extensive knowledge in the insurance and finance sectors and is passionate about using her expertise to assist those in need.

Lindsey’s philanthropic attitude is what led her to start GoGive2Live, a non-profit supporting military and first responders. She has worked with many military non-profits over the years in different capacities, most recently as Treasurer for The SPARTA Project, Inc.

Jim Hendley

Business Development Manager at ADS, Inc. – NAVY/SOCOM

CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Jim Hendley has lived a life of service to his country and others and is passionate about supporting those who serve and have served. Jim spent his 23 years in the Navy as a Supply Corps Officer since his graduation from the University of North Carolina and commissioning from ROTC in 1994.  He spent 18 of his 23 years with Expeditionary units (SEALS, Seabees, EOD, and Riverine) deploying three times to Iraq and Afghanistan from 2005 to 2010. During his three years as a Reservist from 2001 to 2004, he was a Campus Minister in Tucson Arizona at the UofA. Jim has an MBA from the Navy Post Graduate school and a BA in Communications from UNC and now works for ADS Inc. as the Navy/SOCOM Business Development Manager where he continues to support the warfighter as a solution provider. Through his networking, he fortuitously found C22 and immediately wanted to support the growth of the organization.

Faith Brent

President of F.A.B. Government Consulting
CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Faith Brent is an experienced business development and relationship expert who maintains close partnerships within the SOF community by way of her multiple years dealing in satellite communications and logistic services.  Faith has an affinity for business networking and helps others in the business community realize their maximum potential to provide customers the most comprehensive service experience possible.

Faith has previously served on the board of directors for the Alano Club of Costa Mesa, California and conducts extensive service work with women in her community.

Faith is solution-oriented and dedicated to achieving measurable ends to challenging dilemmas.  By way of her own personal experience, Faith has assisted those suffering from depression, PTSD, OCD, and addiction for the past 25 years plus; all of which has aided her ability to relate with those who are dealing with their own challenges and new life experiences.

Faith is a devoted wife of 17 years and mother of three children.

Boyd Renner

Co-Founder Endeavor Life Sciences, Solution Architect David Group Inc.
CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

CWO4 (RET) Boyd Renner grew up in a one-stoplight town in Colorado and joined the military in 1988. After graduating BUDS class 164, he served at SEAL Team Two for four years and served over 23 years at NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE DEVELOPMENT GROUP. He earned every rank from E-1 to E-9, and then he transitioned to Chief Warrant Officer in 2010. Boyd served over twenty-eight years in the Navy before retiring last November. Since 9/11, he completed ten tours in Afghanistan, two tours in Iraq, as well as deployments to Albania, Sarajevo, and to the Arabian Peninsula. Some of Boyds medals include: Navy & Marine Corps Life Saving Medal, Bronze Star Medal with Valor (x3) , Combat Action Ribbon (x2), Defense Meritorious Service Medal (x3), Joint Service Commendation Medal with Valor (x3), Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Valor (x3), Army Commendation Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal with Valor (x3), Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal (x2), Navy Good Conduct Medal (x5) 2014 Boyd graduated with honors from Saint Leo University with a degree in Business Admiration with a focus on technology management. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Project Management at Penn State University and serves as co-founder of Endeavor Life Sciences.

Brad Chedister

Warfighter Systems Architect / Special Advisor for Advanced Technologies – DRAPER/SOFWERX

CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Bio Coming Soon.

Mario Parez

DoD Manager – USSOCOM
CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Mario was born and raised in a 900/sf house in Miami, Florida, the youngest of 8 children whose parents fled Cuba amid the Castro takeover in the 1950’s.

After enlisting in the Navy in 1992, he served as an EOD Operator in Guam and Washington State, before he was selected to, a Naval Special Warfare Command, where he has worked since 2001. His job consists of, among many things, managing complex and demanding operations through coordination of personnel, equipment, and mission tactics; leads, educates and advises professionals to become experts in their areas of interest; chosen to engage, on multiple occasions, international allies and interagency partners during Presidentially directed international exchanges.

Mario deployed on more than a dozen combat deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and others.

  • Aresty Scholar at The Wharton School
  • Bachelors of Science from Norwich University – Summa Cum Laude
  • Former President and CEO of a construction company, responsible for oversight and management of all aspects of the company; Home design, estimating, banking and finance, scheduling, permits and inspections, sales and advertising.
  • Former Vice-President and CFO of a real estate company, responsible for property management, banking and finance, accounting, sales and advertising.
  • Currently residing in Virginia Beach, and the father of three amazing children

Mario enjoys the exploring new places and cultures, along with doing anything outdoors, like camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, and snowboarding.

He also enjoys training for and competing in Ironman Triathlons.

Mario is fluent in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, with some Vietnamese and Arabic fluency.

Major Daniel S. Winschel, U.S. Army

Co-Founder and Business Development at EXOCHAIN
CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Mr. Winschel is co-founder of EXOCHAIN, and serves as Director of Business Development. Dan’s passion to help those less fortunate has led him to create this company with Mr. Stewart. Dan has served around the globe as a Special Forces (SF) Medic and as a Physician Assistant (PA), and witnessed the money and resources wasted on programs that have no sustainability or legal record to adjudicate the right patient for the right treatment.

  • Mr. Winschel has over 31 years of service in the US Army as a SF Green Beret Medic and Aeromedical PA.
  • Served in the 7th SFG(A) and the 20th SFG(A) as a SF Medic.
  • Served in the 3rd SFG(A) and the 19th SFG(A) as a APA-C.
  • Three combat tours Iraq 2003, Iraq 2005, and Afghanistan 2009.
  • Honored to receive the 2004 Special Projects Award of the year by the SF Association, “for outstanding support for Iraqi hospitals by providing medical literature and other items by the plane and truck load.” This personal effort helped develop 16 medical libraries throughout Northern Iraq.
  • Founder “Operation Shoe” brought thousands of shoes to Afghan children, 2009.
  • Served with the 19th SFG(A) in South Korea in 2017.
  • Recently retired Orthopedic PA, and a per diem Emergency Medicine PA, and has served as both a Urology and Family Practice PA.
  • Currently serves in the Rhode Island National Guard in Providence, RI.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health, University of Maine at Farmington, 1988.
  • Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies, University of New England, 1999.

In 2009, Dan was serving as one the BN PAs for 2/19th SFG(A) in Afghanistan. Mr. Winschel would later end up supporting 3rd SFG(A). While at Firebase Thomas Dan met future EXOCHAIN Board Member, Mr. Geoff Dardia. Geoff would later introduce Mr. Winschel to Mr. Stewart in December 2016.

Geoff Dardia

Founding Director of the SOF Health Initiatives Program at Task Force Dagger Foundation.

CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

The Task Force Dagger SOF Health Initiatives Program was created from the ground up with a vision to transform medicine within the military. After a tireless battle with the conventional medical system in both the Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense, Geoff decided to look for something better. Cancer and Suicide are killing more Special Operations Forces (SOF) than both of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns combined. Cancer and suicide are both directly linked together and both mostly preventable if you know what causes them and knowing how to prevent them.

Geoff struggled for over 5-years, trying to pretend nothing was wrong with him, but on the inside he states that, “I was slowly dying”.

“I nearly lost my career and my life to something that was easily preventable if Functional Medicine had been available to me. Thousands of blasts, countless hours inhaling toxic fumes from spent munitions and explosives damaged my brain and body to the point it was failing miserably, and I was dragging around a dead body. I was merely existing to serve a purpose in war but at home I was not living the life I had once thoroughly enjoyed. I had adapted to the chaotic environment of war perfectly but could not function properly back home. I was told it was all in my head and there was nothing wrong with me except I most likely had mild depression or PTSD. I was offered antidepressants and Viagra as the answer to my problems”  Geoff knew that it wasn’t just in his head and it wasn’t PTSD. That’s when he went outside of the Army medical system to seek answers.

Through Geoff’s own struggles and self-discovery, he found the answers to all of his health concerns from the very best medical providers and programs throughout the United States. The answers came by looking for the root causes of his challenges and illnesses by looking at three critical factors: Lifestyle, Environmental and Genetics. This Framework of medicine is known as Functional Medicine…

“The Brotherhood doesn’t end after injury, illness, ETS or retirement.”

Dr. Karen R. Kelly

PhD-Research Physiologist-Dept Warfighter Performance, Naval Health Research Center.

CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Dr. Karen Kelly is a research Physiologist with a background in exercise, metabolic and integrative physiology. Her research has focused on performance enhancement through evaluation of training in extreme environments; physical standards and requirements for ground combat military operational specialties; and musculoskeletal injury risk and prevention. Dr. Kelly is considered an expert by her peers in the area of human performance as well as musculoskeletal associated issues. Additionally, Dr. Kelly teaches Exercise Physiology and Physical Chemistry of Exercise in the Exercise and Nutritional Sciences Graduate School at San Diego State University. She is the mother of two and in her free times enjoys running, surfing, mountain biking, yoga, pilates, lifting weights, waterskiing hiking with her dog and kids and basically any sport that is outdoors!

Ted McDonald

Founder at, 5-Point Yoga, Adventure Yoga Retreats, Yoga Expert at Beachbody.

CRUSADES 22 Board of Directors

Ted is an endurance athlete, yoga teacher, blogger, entrepreneur, and modern day adventurer. A former Elite Adventure Racer and a Lacrosse player at UCLA, he has been an athlete his entire life. He began teaching yoga and meditation over 15 years ago and continues to compete in marathons, triathlons, trail races, mountain bike races and ultra-marathons. His passion is creating a life beyond his wildest dreams and helping others do the same. If you’re ready, stay in touch by signing up for the email list and following him on all the social media links below.

Educated in both Iyengar and Ashtanga styles of yoga, he focuses his yoga sessions on strength, alignment and breathing, in order to help students increase their flexibility, strength and focus. He teaches many forms of meditation and a yin or restorative yoga class specifically designed to lengthen connective tissue, prevent injuries and open energetic pathways in the body.

He is the founder of Adventure Yoga Retreats, a company that organizes premium travel adventures that enrich lives and inspire people to live life at their highest level. His versatility and knowledge allows him to successfully tailor his teaching and retreats to a diverse audience, including professional athletes, business leaders, yoga teachers, as well as beginning students. He owns 5 Point Yoga, the premiere yoga and fitness studio in Malibu, California. He co-created the 3 Week Yoga Retreat for Beachbody, the company behind such products as P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, and more. Ted co-created Tony Horton’s p90x:2 yoga DVD and is featured in p90x:3 Yoga, p90x:3 Isometrix as well as Tony’s yoga “expert” for his one-on-one video series. He is also in 3 of Tony Horton’s latest fitness DVD 22 Minute Hard Corps. He is a long time lululemon ambassador and is the designated yoga teacher for the Tour de France winning pro cycling BMC Racing Team. He is a featured teacher on, and created the yoga program at The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu which was named in Travel & Leisure’s World’s Best Spas for 2012 & 2013.
He blogs regularly at and on his personal website,